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The Sinclair Update

February 2016
Two years since I updated this. Where does the time go?
I've been employed as Facilities Manager at one of the State's casinos for the past couple of years, where do the people get the money to sit for hours and hours in front of a slot machine?
Oldest son Matt has recently left employment at Penn State University for a similar job at American University in the DC area. Hope the cost of living increase is manageable for him but it's a private school with opportunity he didn't have at PSU.
Youngest son Adam works in State College training to be a chef at The Tavern. It was nice having both of them in the same place but we knew it wouldn't last forever.
Suzanne and I celebrated our 29th Anniversry on 2/12, she likes to mention that it's been over half of her life that we've been together. She is in her 25th year at Duquesne University managing their facilities, little weird talking shop at the dinner table.
Don't spend as much time with the cardboard as I would sometimes like to and still amazed by the envelopes that show up in the mailbox. 
"Do you remember the feel of the candy store steps?"

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