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Caps Cardboard

Very close to finishing the 70's quest.
1. 1970 Topps # 189 Thurman Munson
3. 1970 Topps # 565 Catfish Hunter
4. 1970 Topps # 580 Pete Rose
5. 1970 Topps # 600 Willie Mays
6. 1970 Topps # 630 Ernie Banks
7. 1970 Topps # 700 Frank Robinson
8. 1970 Topps # 702 A.L. Rookies
9. 1973 Topps # 615 Mike Schmidt
10. 1969 Topps #95 Johnny Bench

I've been collecting baseball cards since the late 60's. When the hobby peaked in the late 80's I made the decision to only collect Topps cards. Luckily for me, my parents never threw away the shoeboxes from my childhood when Topps was the "only game in town". I have loads of other manufacturers cardboard from 1987-1990, bought before I realized that there wasn't the same joy in collecting that I had felt when I was a kid. I began pecking away at filling the 1971-1973 sets that were in the shoeboxes and lucked into a large assortment of cards from 1968-1970. Still, the going was slow and life put my collecting on hold for quite a few years. Then I stumbled upon the OBC website and knew that I had found a group of collectors who shared in what I felt about baseball and baseball cards. The feel of the candy store steps.

Do you remember the feel of the candy store steps?
Last updated on March 4, 2017
OBC'ers I've met: Richard Kimball, Kent Montgomery, Terry Dietrick, Matt Heilenman, Chuck Paris

Baseball Hero- Roberto Clemente and I have the stuff to prove it.....
NL Team- Pittsburgh Pirates
AL Team- Toronto Bluejays